Wah Wah Wah-Wah Wah

Shpiel. The amount of impact which this word has in my life is astounding. I actually quite enjoy this word, really. I would like to clarify, though, that a ‘shpiel’ isn’t actually defined as what I define it as. A ‘shpiel’ is  a very long sales pitch.

However, I always find myself spouting out long commentaries about absolutely nothing to whomever the unfortunate soul is who happens to be sitting in the same place as myself. These long, pointless, usually kind of amusing, commentaries I have dubbed my shpiels. As I’ve over-analyzed this commentaries, I’ve found that some of the best ones have exited the creative tides of my cranium when I’m procrastinating.  (Disclaimer: I’m not usually a procrastinator. If my posts don’t show up every day, it’s because I’m kind of a perfectionist and must find the correct topic to ‘shpiel’ about.) Now, this observation is not absolute, by any means. But, I think of lots of things to talk about pointlessly when I don’t want to be doing something that I should be doing….usually something mathematically related.


But every once in a while, my shpiels may or may not turn into something quite sublime. I’ve come up with some pretty wonderful quotes in the midst of shpieling (if I do say so myself). However, I think that the act of ‘shpieling’ is actually quite normal (or at least I hope so).  I like to think of it as a sort of de-clutter mechanism. The amount of things that roll around in my brain which already has the tendency to think too much is already quite exhausting. I don’t even want to know what it would be like inside here if I couldn’t de-clutter sometimes.

But see! Here I go again! I’m shpieling about shpieling! Oh, goodness, I’ll probably just end this now. Reader, if you are still with me I just want to say …..hello? Is that your snoring I hear? Reader? ……… oh, no….I’ve killed you…


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