For Laughs

Four Shades of Blue

And so the adventure begins!

One young woman, alone, braving the elements of life at university! Oh, the things to learn and unlearn! She awakes on an early winter morn and readies herself for her first class, fully intending to happen to the world today. She is distracted with these thoughts, of course, subconsciously selecting to think about other matters than what she is doing at the moment. And ah, yes! She is off to class! Hair curled, and outfit…..just as she arrives at the bus stop she looks down at the clothing which the non-distracted 2% of her brain selected. 

One fantastic pink collared shirt with white polka dots under a navy blue sweater…blue jeans……… socks……………………….blue shoes……………………… 


Oh, yes. The problems which I find myself surrounded with are indeed life-altering and apocalyptic.

Okay, so that may or may not be a slight exaggeration. However, I will not have you thinking that I’m some sort of stuck up fashionista. I enjoy being beautifully attired, I won’t lie to you. But I mean, come on, there is no need to freak out over this kind of thing. However, I think the reason this was so earth-blowing was because until I reached the bus stop I had absolutely no idea what I was wearing. And why that non-distracted 2% of  my brain decided to go all monochromatic on me, I’d rather not discover.


I decided, though, that there was something very important to be learned from this experience. Oddly enough, it was not to quit justifying this selective distraction I’ve picked up(basically because no matter what that’s just not going to happen). The lesson was, very simply: Just Go With It. I’m pretty sure people walk around this campus wearing more conspicuous things than four different shades of blue. But even that doesn’t matter. So I decided to just not wonder over this strange phenomenon and go about my day.

And as she returned to her home at the end of a victorious day on the battlefield, our heroine smiled victoriously. For she had discovered that life consists of each of the different shades of our stories which we usually keep hidden inside ourselves. And if one does not look for the different shades in others, there is only ever one color.


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