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Wear the White Dress

If I’m being completely honest with you, probably my most indulged in fantasy is walking 8dcec1ef58e7a699a5c6cbc5f947bb6baround lush green hills somewhere in a white dress on a cloudy day. I know, so typically cliche (not to mention dramatic, but I’m very good at being dramatic, after all). There are a few fairly practical reasons that I’ve never actually done this:

  • I can’t figure out how to set up theme music
  • I don’t actually have a white dress like the one I always imagine
  • I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t end up looking as glamorous as I imagine
  • I don’t exactly know what I’m doing in this fantasy….just walking around dramatically I guess
  • And how do you go about doing that anyway? “Hey, I’m leaving for a few hours in this incredible dress to go wander lush green hills dramatically! Enjoy your bean dip!”??

But nevertheless, I have this fantasy. I think that if everybody wandered rolling green hills in white dresses with beautifully written piano music playing, maybe add a violin or two in the panoramic scene shot, there could be world peace or something. You know what I’m saying?


I guess the whole point here is that we each have these strange little fantasies inside of us. There is so much we keep inside us, isn’t there? My theory about this is that people don’t talk the way they used to. I mean, I’m pretty sure we’re a lot more free with our feelings than people were historically. But I’m talking about the really deep things, you know? I’m also not saying that we should go around broadcasting these profoundly deep feelings to the entire world, either, because that isn’t a good idea all the way around. What I am saying is that I think we’ve become too used to glossing it all over. I think this world has become much too impersonal that way.

And I just want to clarify that I don’t think your heart should be fully bleeding on your sweater sleeve, or something. Because emotions can be intensely deep, complex, personal, and without words. And those emotions are not for the world to see.

But what is wrong with my white dress dream? Besides the fact that it is extremely dramatic, why do I have a hard time admitting that this would actually be the coolest thing ever? (Because it is actually hard to post this…) What is wrong with being dramatic? You’ve no idea how many times in my life that I’ve heard, “Oh, my gosh, you are sooooo dramatic!” Like it’s a bad thing, or something! Excuse me, but somebody has to make up for the lack of feeling going on around here! And while I’ll be the first to admit that my crazy dramatic personality leads to all sorts of things like my insane over-analyzing skills and weeping over fictional characters, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This post is not about doing whatever you want, saying whatever you want, etc. etc. It isn’t any kind of political or social statement. All I want to say to you tonight, reader of mine, is this: Not all the time, but sometimes, dare to share your small fantasies and dreams, and Wear the White Dress.


3 thoughts on “Wear the White Dress”

    1. Well, alright, if that’s the way you feel, then I suppose one can learn to appreciate it 😀 Thank-you so much for your comment!

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