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The Dog, The Umbrella, And The French Revolution

And so do such words summarize this Tuesday that I’ve experienced. Don’t worry, I’m about to tell you exactly how. Just in case you were the slightest bit curious. West-Highland-White-Terrier-20

So there I am, walking to my Anthropology class on a gloriously cloudy day. And as I’m doing this I pass a parking lot, at which point an exceedingly nice and extraordinarily shiny car drives past me. And sitting in the back of this car was a dog. And not just any dog, mind you. A very prim and properly groomed dog with his polished nose sticking up in the air just slightly. Not only did the person in the front seat suddenly take on the look of a chauffeur, this dog suddenly reminded me of some important government official and I was quite at a loss for what to do. Salute? Wave? Start singing some national anthem? But quickly, Mr. Dog had been driven away to his next important conference and I was left with only one thought: if we all had as much confidence as that dog, what would the world be like?

Just over an hour later, I exited my Anthropology class and went outside only to be greeted by rain. And not just any kind of rain, either. The deceptive kind of rain where it doesn’t look like it is raining that hard until you realize look like something between a drowned k13572315yak and baby penguin….and, yes, that kind of rain actually does exist. So, I hurriedly whipped out my small, black umbrella that I’ve had in my possession for at least a million years, feeling quite proud of myself that I’d had the presence of mind to be prepared for precipitation. However, my umbrella happens to be broken. Oh, it gets the job done the way it’s supposed to, I guess. I mean, at least my head doesn’t get wet. But one side is a little bit saggy….anyway, it’s noticeably broken, okay? And so there I am, walking across campus in the deceptive rain. The Girl With The Broken Umbrella. I looked into the eyes of all those I passed and saw the exact same thought: oh, she’s a lonely soul…

So after comparing my confidence to a dog’s and being pitied due to my discombobulated umbrella, (yes, that word was used intentionally. My umbrella is clearly confused as to its purpose) I spent the time in06_french_revolution.cover_ between classes doing the reading for my history class. Oh, I was thoroughly engrossed in reading about the French Revolution. Truly, I was. I’m not sure how to explain to people that I get a high off of such things. If I had it my way I’d tackle the nearest person in sight and shout something like, “Did you know that the French Revolution was crazy?! Well, did you?! I’ll tell you all about it!” ……okay, maybe that’s slightly extreme. But I do get very excited about my history. And as I was on the edge of my seat, I looked up into the mirror I have sitting on my desk and realized something: I think I need a new umbrella.


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