I'm Just Saying

Dear Today

Dear Today,

I’d like to personally thank you. I understand that I get a ‘today’ every day, and I am grateful for that. But on this specific ‘today’ a few things happened that I’d like to mention specifically:

  • Thank you for beginning much less windy than yesterday ended
  • Thank you for reminding me how much I love history
  • Thank you for reminding me that history has untold stories that make it more than we’ll ever know
  • Thank you for the circumstances which caused all of my roommates and me to be eating lunch at the exact same time4a9a3be15aec7e6d5c40a6bb2f43cd6d
  • Thank you for the market having toy cars on sale that my roommate and I went crazy over…and then bought
  • Thank you for small things that make all the ‘todays’ important in the chain of a story
  • Thank you for hope that this blog of mine won’t be a complete flop, because I’m trying to not make it completely worthless
  • Thank you for the fact that those toy cars actually go and we’ll be having a race later
  • and thank you for being another today



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