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Ah, Me! Incorrigible Me!

Surprise and congratulations! You’re about to read a post that’s all about me. Aren’t you excited? I can tell, really, the air around me is actually snapping with it. Okay, though, in all seriousness, the reason that I’m writing this post is because my ‘About’ page is actually kind of vague. I did that on purpose so that most people would think I was a little bit normal. In this post I’m going to be slightly more specific, just so that you all know that there is a heartbeat on this end. And because, well, I’ve been wondering over this kind of thing lately. (But don’t worry, a post about that is coming soon.) So, here I go.

10 Simple Things About Me (not in any particular order):

  1. I have a huge family and love it (nine siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews, etc. etc.)
  2. I love writing, reading, watching movies, listening to music, wondering, and playing with my nieces and nephews (technically I can’t call all those things one point, but I’m going to)
  3. I am completely and hopelessly in love with whatever I decide I’m in love with. There is no in between with me. If I love something, I love it with everything I’ve got. And if it is threatened I’ll defend it to the death in the nicest way possible.28fbbe45e3179d8cd96bdb74cc9536a0
  4. I like to believe in the brighter side of people. I don’t try and deny that people do bad things or make mistakes, but I don’t focus on them either because there is so much more happiness that you could be dwelling on instead.
  5. I love Christmas with all my heart and soul. (The I’ve-been-listening-to-Christmas-music-since-July kind of love. Don’t worry, I’ll post about that, too.)
  6. I am active in my religion and am grateful for it every moment of my life.
  7. I am of Scottish heritage and it is one of the things I am most proud of
  8. I love history
  9. I’m a pretty impatient person and also have selective distraction (if there is even such a thing)
  10. I always keep a running commentary in my brain for wherever it might come in handy



5 Unusual Things About Me (that a lot of people are shocked to hear):

  1. I love rock n’ roll
  2. Action movies are pretty much great (this comes from my horde of brothers I think…)
  3. I hate it when people do branches off of other peoples ideas. e.g. when people write books based on other people’s books, when brands make a cheaper copy of 2738963ffe0c296acbdfa8230c834ef9another brands stuff, etc. I honestly don’t know why this bothers me, because I’m not saying it can’t be quality work in itself. It just bugs me.
  4. I hate bananas. Hate them. For some reason, this has shocked a lot of people.
  5. If it was in any way feasible, I’d totally be a pirate (I might just do it anyway…)




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