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Hawlio, Rhannu ac yn llawen Cry

Hawlio, Rhannu ac yn llawen Cry


Once upon an unrecorded time,

in the land beyond the River Rhymes

there lived an old woman wise


To the fortune seekers she offered hope,

to the withered maids their forgotten glow,

and to the learner the chance to know


This wisdom was born of life lived pure,

of courage and strength to endure

when fires consumed and left no cure


In her thatched hut she sat each day,

watching those who came her way

to ask of what they ought to do and say


Those that were young or old,

those born of dirt or gold

all came hither to hear of wisdom told


Each morn she woke and offered a prayer,

to the One above whom she knew to be there

asking that she be able offer them care


And one misty morn of an ancient autumn day,

came walking a soul through the light rain

to ask of her what was best to claim


For the question was deep and wide,

asked from a soul who long had tried

to find the path free of the blind


“Where might I go?” Simply said,

“To find those whose hearts aren’t dead?

Where life means more than daily bread?”


Peace was sought by the soul in the rain,

a place to find heart beyond the pain

where love could conquer and supremely reign


“For my heart is heavy and my body weak.

I’ve sought for a place to live in peace,

where happiness begins but with belief.”


The old woman wise looked into the rain,

thinking of times when she’d felt the same,

and told the soul what to claim:


“Walk where of you there is a need,

sing though the hearts first won’t agree,

and write the words they may not read.


Dance though the music was forced to fade,

laugh by hearths of those gone gray,

and offer a hand to the one who wished you away.


Dare to be the person you feel inside,

and the way may still be a place to cry,

you may not be remembered until after you die.


But your deeds will true happiness bring,

those songs they will ever boldly sing,

and the written words priceless reading.


Claim the gifts you have to spread joy,

share them with hearts grown cold of choice,

and in time you’ll find that you rejoice.”


The soul then thanked the old woman wise,

and turned down the road grown ever so wide,

to claim and to share and to joyfully cry


And now upon a long recorded time,

in a land before the deep River Rhymes,

we see that, truly, to share it is wise


For in each of our wandering souls,

gifts to spread joy we blessedly hold,

to claim but more for to share in bold




4 thoughts on “Hawlio, Rhannu ac yn llawen Cry”

    1. Why, thank you very much for taking the time to read it and for the kind words! I appreciate that a lot, especially coming from you!

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