I Was Wondering

Trusting Starlight

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about several different words: Faith. Hope. Trust. Believe. 

I have a fascination with these words and what they mean. And even more so with what they mean in relation to each other. Because they are each related, and as I’ve 7543bfb99406777c9efdf4aabc1f6234thought more and more about it I think that this relation extends to a much larger picture than I comprehended at first. When we hear words like this, I think a lot of us jump right to the subject of religion. And while my religion is extremely important to me and at times I want to shout it from the roof tops, I don’t want to focus so much on the relationship these words have with religion today.

Today, I want to try and explain this bigger picture I’m beginning to glimpse. I want to use these words to explain why people do certain things. Today, I’m asking you to have faith in what you can’t see, to hope for something beyond tomorrow, to trust that there are others who will do the same, and to believe. Out of the many things I’ve related these words to, today I’ll focus on just two: the idea of the role model, and humanity in general.

I think that each of us have role models, the people we strive to be like or the people that have helped us along our way. But by having a role model we are having faith in the wisdom of another person. Hoping. Trusting them. Ultimately believing in their influence in our life. Role models are extremely important. And more than that, I believe that somehow they become a part of us. I believe that when all is said and done, they have become much more than a role model or idol. They have become something else entirely apart. I also believe that these figures come in many shapes and sizes. So many times you hear of somebody’s role model being somebody known to the entire world. In which case it becomes more of the ‘icon’ idea. And as I’ve related these words to the idea of the ‘icon’, I’ve actually been able to make a lot more sense of it. Sometimes those icons that people look to aren’t necessarily the cream of wise decision makers. I’d like to use the example of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe in order to better explain this.

To many people, Marilyn Monroe was a physical symbol. She lived a very sad life and eventually died a terribly tragic death. And the decisions which she made in her life were not the decisions that we would encourage people to make. So why is it that so many people have looked to her? I have heard endless rants about how terrible it is that she is so idolized, that her decisions made her who she was and that all around she has no place being idolized. And while I can certainly understand this point of view, 0bb9dad20d9304b118d67f77e11438d7I’ve begun to see it all in a very different light. The reason that so many people look to her is because of these words. Faith. Hope. Trust. Believe. And with this I come to the second point of relating these words to humanity in general. I think that people as a whole want to believe in the brighter side of things. I think we want to trust that somehow there is something good that can come from a person. For all the technology and commercialization and everything else that has been used to take away the good in society: I think that the world still wants to hope that there is meaning to starlight.

That even though the stars leave, they mean something. That even though the lights may be dim or covered with clouds sometimes, there is something there. People secretly hope that even though bad things happened and people made small or large mistakes, there is still something to believe in. People want to trust in the goodness found in others. Whether you look to the icon or the average person.

So, in conclusion, I’ll try and sum up exactly what I’m trying to accomplish in this post. I want to tell you that I have faith, hope, and trust in humanity. We are all d44b5ccd820cc4d3662b18bcc79b4653hypocrites at times. It’s so easy to look at the mistakes made by others and think horrible things. And there are consequences to people’s actions. This post is in no way excusing the bad choices, or saying that it’s okay to do terrible things. What I am trying to say is that if we don’t start having faith in the good that we can do rather than condemning each other for the bad, then what is the point of even being here? I am asking you to believe. I’m asking you to look past the clouds and trust in the starlight.


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