For Laughs

It’s Funny, Okay?

I realized today I have not yet written a post focused entirely on laughing. Which is rather appalling actually. Because, guess what? I love laughing. So much. Laughing is a a2f629675e68eb736fca597f757a3350really wonderful thing. And I laugh a lot. Partly because I’ve got a fantastic sense of humor (if I do say so myself), and because I just like to laugh. And I like to think I’m kind of funny, hence the reason I end up laughing at my own jokes a lot.

Anyway, the reason I’m talking about all of this is because life is sometimes just funny. Every now and again things happen that are just amazing! They are just funny, you know? For example, my roommates and I have been watching this t.v show every night for the last few days while wearing snuggly pajamas. One episode turns into two….then five…anyway. All I’m saying is that the last few days have been really great. Honestly, they have been no different than other days really. The one thing that has made them great is that we’ve all just been enjoying the small things, enjoying being in each other’s company. Enjoying laughing at inside jokes and covering up snorts…

b56c1dca6123ef8850b48c8d12a05871The point here is that sometimes you just have to enjoy the small things and laugh. Because……it’s funny, okay?


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