Just Writing

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

I look at your colors,

and the way you shine in the dark

Each year at Christmas time

you begin the spirit with a spark


There you are, hanging upon the tree,

and blinking ever so bright

I look upon you as I sit alone,

bathed in Christmas tree light


This year I needed to ask for something,

something that is not for me

I need to be brave and try and help,

even though the way I cannot see


Christmas lights please light my way,

please shine for peace and hope

Christmas lights please help me to know,

what to do to help those in my home


Christmas lights please show me,

the path that I should take

Christmas lights please heal,

please brightly illuminate


For if anything can help,

then it is surely this time of year

If anything can fix this lack of peace,

this season will dry the tears


Christmas is the season

to heal and find peace and joy

When beautiful miracles happen

and the children receive special toys


Christmas is the time

when we celebrate His birth

When we remember what is important

and sing beside the hearth


Christmas is when magic returns

Christmas is when you find home again

So Christmas lights, in your symbolism,

please light my way again


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