I Was Wondering

When in Doubt

483ae55dcf8011bfbf6ba15b147ba160Dear Color Red,

You make me feel bold. You make me feel confident and unconquerable. When I wear red lipstick I am tempted to feel a little shy until I remember that I am wearing red lipstick. Technically, you are a color that represents aggression. But to me, to represent living boldly, you represent confidence, you represent what a person should feel like when they leave their house in the morning.


The Girl with the Red Lipstick


Dear Wonderful Reader,

As you may or may not have guessed, I have on red lipstick today. Because when I wear red lipstick, I feel completely and utterly like I could conquer this world. 213d56daeefbfed57b49f4d5655a8176Unstoppable. Combine that with sunglasses and I can’t be stopped. Oddly enough, red is not my favorite color. I love the color red, but I my favorite color is actually green. I feel very beautiful, cool, and confident in the color green, plus it’s just really lovely. But when I wear red, something else happens. I feel enlivened. So today I encourage you to find 5be593c0156a235cdde9a82abdeb5286your ‘when in doubt’ color. That color that you see and it instantly calls to your soul and says, “Why, hello! Here’s a little something extra for today!” What is your ‘when in doubt’ color? Or maybe it isn’t a color. Find that something that makes your ‘when in doubt’ feelings become nothing but a memory.


The Girl with Red Lipstick


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