I Was Wondering

If You Just Believe

d1179759b0a9291e3315fd6af0800f44So…I’m alive! Hallelujah! Thank all the heavens that finals week is over, the semester is over, and I can finally have a break from school and be at home with my family. I love Christmas, but I’ve told you that before. I love it pretty much more than a lot of things. Christmas is an amazing and truly wonderful time of the year. I feel like Christmas is the time when we reconnect with ourselves, when we rediscover magic or witness miracles. I believe in Christmas magic.

Because Christmas is magical! I don’t even know how to explain how much this season means to me and do it justice. It has always been my favorite time of the year. My family is generally together a lot, but during Christmas it is different. We are together but we are happier. We can put differences aside.

Because I have such a large family, I definitely have siblings that don’t get along with each other. We have had our terrible fights and bad moments. This past year has been really hard on my family in the way of our relationships with each other, and there have been many bad moments that way. This is something that has caused me extreme amounts of stress, being away at school. The thing is is that even if I wasn’t away at school there isn’t anything that I could do about it. It just has been what it has been.

But today, even though this stress is still present, I feel a little bit of hope. Even though sometimes I get so worried that I can’t even 8df06fa7f9ac76321351d3523151fd28function, I feel hope today. I have to believe that somehow everything is going to work out. I have to believe in this time of year that has always brought me so much peace and joy. I have to have faith and let the magic of Christmas work for my family. Because Christmas is the time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, I will focus on my faith in Him. I have told you all before that I am active in my religion, and it means so much to me. This year more than any other I feel the need for the Spirit of Christmas and it’s magic to work miracles. And the thing is that I know that miracles will take place. They aren’t always what you envision a miracle to be like, but they happen everyday.

So during this glorious Christmas season may you find peace, hope, healing, and most of all joy. Because it is a most joyous season, and there is so much magic to believe in.ac36eafc165b5c59c47f3740b915b6c5


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