I'm Just Saying

Not Just Things

What are the things that you love? What are the things that bring you joy? What are your Pieces of Peace?(https://callmeincorrigible.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/pieces-of-peace/)  I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing for a while now. About the things that we love and what they say about us. And the conclusion that I’ve come to is that the things that we love not only bring us peace and joy, but they make us who we are.

362c89226217d717317bd67073ef1b55Whenever I am completely stressed out or just having a bad time, period, I surround myself with the things that I love. I read a lot, I write a lot, I watch my favorite movies, wear my favorite outfits, listen to my favorite music all day. Not only do I do this because these things bring me joy and comfort, I do it because it returns to me myself. It helps me refocus on what is really important, who I really am.

The things that we love are not just things. They make us who we are and have the ability to help us find that out about ourselves. If I find that I am to busy to spend time doing what I love eventually I wake up one morning and feel like I’m staring at a complete stranger. Our Piece of Peace are so important. Take more time for them.


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