I Was Wondering, I'm Just Saying

Note to Self

Today, I need to tell myself a few things. As a person whose brain is constantly in overdrive, sometimes I just get overwhelmed. The sad thing is, even though my brain is678966f1f612440b33b8533dd384f9ed always in overdrive, it isn’t usually with anything particularly constructive. I’m either worrying or daydreaming. Great combination, right? Anyway, ahem. Dear Self:

  • Someday really read your own blog posts.
  • Please, for the love of all that is good, stop worrying so much. You’re driving me crazy.
  • Stop stressing about things that you cannot change or are too far ahead. When you get there you’ll know what to do. If you can’t change it, pick up your feet. Have faith.
  • Try looking in the mirror and thinking something positive for a change. Try this five times a day. Mean it. a4afdc29d21b423dcc238fef46cc5d16
  • Believe in your own abilities. Knowing what you are talented at isn’t vain. Remember where it came from and develop it in order to enrich your life and the lives of others.
  • Did I mention….please stop stressing and worrying over EVERYTHING??
  • Try and see yourself the way your nieces and nephews see you. Get past what you’ve built yourself as.
  • Remember that everything happens for a reason. Cliche? Yes. And you’re not always going to know why, not even most of the time.
  • Act on the lessons you learn. You have a tendency to learn a lesson but then keep doing what you were doing before you learned it. Which basically means you didn’t learn it very well.
  • Wear your special perfume every day. Today will only happen once. 09609607ca91ab2024e6bd82f38aa226
  • Slow. Down. Life moves fast enough already.
  • Remember what is really important. One year from now, what exactly will you remember?

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