I Was Wondering, I'm Just Saying

‘Tis the Season

708214f8f71a9fd4f036657a28b504d4There is something that my mother says to us often. The thing you have to know about my mother is that she is basically the most amazing person on this earth. It is from her that I get my deep love for Christmas. Christmas is the best time of the year at our house because of my mother. She always makes it so incredibly special, she never fails to remind us what it all really about and why we have the traditions that we have. But the one thing that she says to us is this:

Christmas is not one day. It is the season.

The reason that I post this the day after Christmas is because I believe it with all my heart. I love Christmas so much and I look forward to it so much that each year when the clock turns to December 26th I have to try really hard not to cry. But this year I’ve been thinkinga5a09c98436d5f2e98be077b99d8a226 a lot more about this phrase. Particularly because it is so true. What would Christmas Day be without the Christmas season? It is all one big thing, one giant piece of happiness and joy and we can share not for just one day. That is why, at my house, Christmas is not over.

A few days ago I was in town with my nephew getting a minor repair on my car. As we ate popcorn and watched Tom and Jerry I couldn’t help but overhear the people at the front desk complaining over the Christmas season. There it was, two days before Christmas, and they were already wishing it away. I felt like crying or running over there and beating them up (let’s face it, it’s kind of the same thing…). Because they were SO missing the big picture. We give each other gifts as a symbol of love, as a symbol of the gift that Jesus Christ was to this earth. Christmas is about spreading that joy and happiness, and because of that it is not just one day. If we could keep that in our minds, then the joy, peace, and hope we feel during this season would last all year.

Today, I encourage you to remember this. Have joy in your new gifts, feed your soul, and remember why we get this opportunity. Because Christmas is not over.


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