I'm Just Saying

To Be Perfectly Honest

I will be completely honest with you and say that the reason I started this blog was because I was urged to do so by family and friends. Apparently, they think I’m funny or something. The odd thing is, right now this blog is pretty much anonymous and all of you know a lot about me without knowing anything about me. It’s like a giant paradox. All of those people who wanted me to begin this blog don’t even know that I have. Continuing with being perfectly honest, sometimes I don’t even know why I blog. Most of the time I’m pretty sure that my posts are quite meaningless and do not get read. And here I am, blogging about blogging. Yet another paradox, I think.

But here I go. Now that you know why I began this blog, I’m going to tell you a few reasons why I’m continuing with it. (In no particular order, of course.)

  • I found that I hugely enjoy it (which I knew I would…one of the reasons I didn’t want to start doing it. I know, my life is littered with paradoxes.)
  • It is challenging. Blogging has shown me a lot about myself as well as my writing. Though, truth be told, if you read one of the novels I’m working on I promise they sound much better than most of my shpiels.
  • I enjoy looking back on my day and thinking about something that stuck out to me and then writing about it.
  • I love the feeling of getting a like on a post. Not because I need that reassurance or anything, because when I blog about something it always comes from the heart, but because I hope that means that I touched somebody’s life in a small way.
  • I’m hoping that one day a purpose to my blog might surface. I always told myself that if I ever blogged I’d have a purpose…well, obviously that didn’t really happen. I think the reason for that is because my brain is always going a million miles an hour and I’m thinking about so many different things that I couldn’t possibly contain all of it into one purpose. So, if that bothers you, I’m sorry it bothers you but that’s just the way it is.
  • Most of all, I continued with this blog because it is fun! I’ll be the first to admit that I watch my blog and reader like crazy because I just enjoy it so much. I love writing posts, I love reading posts, I love knowing what other people have to say. There have been many times I’ve looked over my blog and felt complete despair because I realized how stupid I must sound to many of you. I’ve come very close to deleting my account a time or two, I won’t lie. But I didn’t because then I thought about how much fun I’ve had and how sad I would be if it was over.

And so there you have it. To be perfectly honest, I’m quite glad I wrote this.


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