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It Began Like This…

I’ve wanted to respond to a daily prompt for a long time…the thing is whenever I begin to do so my powers of over-analyzing kick it into over-overdrive and it doesn’t end well. However!! (I love this word ‘however’. It makes me feel powerful.) The time has come. Today is the day! Today marks THE DAY! Not only the day that I will respond  to a daily prompt but the day that I shall blog about something I should’ve blogged about long ago but have been hesitant to. My biggest brainwave ever. Something that literally changed my entire existence. (There are various reasons I have not blogged about it yet, but anyway, I think that’s a story for a different time.) And so, after this epic thing I’ll dub a prologue, I shall begin.

To the me of one year ago, I’m glad this happened to you. More than glad, so, so extremely happy. You were surfing, my dear. Surfing through life. Waking up and going about a day, going to bed at night. Surfing. Never going below the surface, never reaching further than right in front of you. You were so very lost, really. Oh, not in any sort of depressing way or anything. I think it’s actually quite natural for it to happen to us at times. We just lose ourselves a little, that’s all.

And looking back on it now, I cannot pinpoint a huge life changing moment. A few, but not just one. It all began with that play, Guys and Dolls. Being a part of it and getting that tiny little inkling that there was an entire world here you needed to know about, but you weren’t quite there. But, I’ll break it up a little to lighten the intensity. Three big moments.

  1. When the director Nancy [just as a side note, dear self, how ironic is it that her name is Nancy?] was talking about the music, reviewing the different songs with the cast. She said, “There is one song in the movie that actually isn’t in the score because they added it in for him. But they can do that, you know. He’s Frank Sinatra.”  ……at the time you didn’t really think anything of it. Frank Sinatra is a household name, something you grew up hearing. Big deal.
  2. Before the show each night they played Frank’s music over the speakers to get the audience in the groove. One night you showed up extra early with your two best friends and danced to it on the stage. Right there in the spotlight, the house was empty, and you danced. You really, really danced.
  3. The night you sat in your bedroom, thinking over this force that was slowly creeping in. It was early December, a few weeks after the play, but you just couldn’t shake it. That night you received an early Christmas present from your mother. Frank’s Christmas C.D. (Jumping from talking to myself.) I remember looking at that C.D and that face on the cover. I slowly took off the wrapping, slowly opened the case, and put it in my computer. It was not the first time I heard Frank’s music. But it was the first time that I sat down by myself and consciously turned on his music in order to listen to it. And the second the first song began and I really heard it, I knew that my life would never be the same.

It began like this. My absolute, complete, and total love for Frank Sinatra began like this. I won’t go into any more details about it in this post (because if I did an all too familiar word with the synonym ‘enamored’ [which I prefer, by the way] and a very negative connotation would start getting thrown around). But here is the beginning of this story, of my biggest brainwave ever. (The rest is yet to come….)


12 thoughts on “It Began Like This…”

    1. Thank you so much! That is very kind of you to take time out of your day for my little blog! Thank you so much for that and for your kind words!

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