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And It Continues Like This…

sinatra300dpi[1]And so I continue my story about wonderful Frank. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to tell this story. I just love Frank quite a lot, I suppose you could say. After the initial brainwave, I just started learning more and more about him. At the time I was participating in competitive public speaking and decided to dedicate my season to giving a speech about him. At the time I had already decided on an entirely different topic and when I decided to switch to it I received a lot of criticism. The number one reason was because everybody had already expected my other speech, but also because in our district judges were notorious for being particularly hard on speeches about specific people. But I decided to do it, anyway, because somehow I just knew that it would open a wonderful door.

And so I began researching in depth. When you are giving a speech about somebody it is a little daunting, I won’t lie. My time limit was seven minutes. At first, that probably seems like a lot, but you would be totally surprised. Especially where Frank is so iconic and there is so much to say, trying to fit all of it into a seven minute speech is just impossible. For that reason, I learned absolutely everything I could and finally decided what to include.

One statement that is pretty universal when it comes to Frank is what a magnetism he had. He had a way of just drawing people to him. I think that magnetism still exists today even though the world has been without him for 15 years now. Once I started learning about him, I just couldn’t stop. I found something there that helped me want to live life in a much fuller way. The eras in which he lived are some of my absolutely favorite and have always been, because as you know I love history. But to be honest, that isn’t really the reason I continued with my Frank journey and still haven’t ended it. Hopefully, it never will end it.

This journey has taught me many things, and in particular many things about myself. One of the most important being that in general, I like to believe in the brighter and Frank-Sinatra-in-1943-frank-sinatra-4697735-350-445[1]better side of people and things. It isn’t that I don’t see that bad things happen or people do bad things, I just choose not to dwell on them because the world is hard enough. Knowing so much about him, I will be the first to admit that there are a lot of very controversial things surrounding Frank. And having read different biographies and accounts, I have formed my own opinions about all of that. But probably the conclusion that I’ve come to is this: now, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t need to hear all of the negativity (which, not surprisingly, I get to hear ALL the time from people), because at the end of the day Frank has left this world and none of it can be changed anyway. I have found joy in learning about his life, listening to his music, watching the movies, and learning so much more about myself in the process.

Frank has become a pretty big part of my life now. (I’m thinking of titling a future post “One Day In The Life Of A Modern Day Bobbysoxer”. What do you think?) From the many movies, pictures, and books I own I continue this journey of mine. I believe in surrounding yourself with the things that bring me peace and joy. (Mine range from Frank biographies to Jane Austen to my scriptures to fantasy novels to world maps to calendars to pirate figurines….) I also reached the point long ago where I simply call him Frank, which I’m sure you’ve noticed. My roommates used to tease me about that and now they do it, too. But anyway, this last paragraph just decided to go on a walk about apparently.

And so, there is the story. It doesn’t have an ending, and I hope it never does. It has been incredible, and if you ever get the chance to take a similar journey of your own I think you should do it. Learn about somebody and their life, do it from a perspective past everything you may already know. Open your mind. Don’t even begin it by thinking that you want to change your own life in the process. Just start learning. Do it your way.


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    A continuation of a story posted a little bit ago. If you didn’t get a chance to read the first part of this story, there is a link to it in the first sentence here. If there is one thing I’ll say about this, it is how brave I had to be in order to write it. So I hope you enjoy.

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