Just Writing

Long Ago Home

Below is a poem about Scotland, where many, many of my ancestors are from. My heritage is an extremely important part of my life, and not a day goes by that I don’t feel this way.

Long Ago Home

I dream of a place

Closer in blood than earth2bd502f2ec632898e4eceb46383b2df6

Where gray is the mist

On the bonny highlands fair


My long ago home

Where blood stained the ground

And pipes filled the air

Where freedom was found


A place that I know

My blood came from

Where the heather grows0c2f9eba838c899f762cd502e78575fc

And castles are found


My long ago home

Seems to call me each day

My long ago home

Never left me behind


Dear Rabbie he wrote

Of the battles harsh fought

Of a love like a rose

And warriors’ courage


My long ago home

Calls me back o’er the seaac8c6bce4256f3d88b18e3fa2b2cf9b5

And each day I do hope

That one day I’ll go


I think once you go

From a place so true

Your blood always knows

Just where it belongs


My long ago home

Keep and wait for a while

They had to leave you alone

But they cried and cried0ffb414555d4d311b51804122414c8d3


They kept in their heart

Their long ago home

A passed me a part

Of their endless love


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