Just Writing

Melody-Induced Epiphany

And, so, the daily prompt comes calling! Now that I’ve participated in one (which I realize is a little pathetic, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere, right?) I think they’ll come a lot easier now.

My best thinking. My best thinking. Now, this is actually a hard one because, like most writers I’m sure, I think ALL the time! The wheels in my head are constantly turning. But my best thinking, now that’s definitely different. That kind of thinking that makes your mind kind of feel like it’s exploded! But in the best way that anything could ever explode. Even all of your senses feel heightened and you get a little lightheaded. Ideas pour into your brain and the world just looks a little different. This happens to me most often when I’m alone, or close to being alone. It isn’t even that I couldn’t focus on it around other people, because I think being around others gives you endless fuel for writing. It’s simply that if this were to happen around others, they’d probably call me crazy, so I try to induce such thinking when I’m alone.

I think you retreat into a different sphere of your mind when this occurs, and being by yourself just helps everything come together. So for me, it doesn’t necessarily matter where I am unless I can be more or less by myself and able to let the ideas work themselves out. (If I ever run into roadblocks, those are best solved just before bedtime. For some reason, my half asleep brain is a genius.) But one of the more peculiar things about this otherwise obvious post I’m sending out into the abyss is that my best thinking is almost always induced by music. Usually softer music that you’d find yourself listening to a on a cloudy day. I guess the inspiration just gets to me or something, but it’s almost like I can feel it coming on. A song starts, and all the sudden my brain is caught in a whirlwind of magical thought. And just for the record, I enjoy it immensely.


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