For Laughs

Textbooks, Apologies, and Penguins

And so, my new semester has begun. And not smoothly, I might add. Here is why:

  • Many of my textbooks I don’t actually have, and need them for class. So that’s cool.
  • My professor for my generals science class is pure evil. Evil. Absolutely evil.
  • Getting back into a different schedule has been tough, give in, but still not cool.
  • Headaches already, and it’s Day Two. My optimism is very, very far away, suitcase in hand.

Out of all the things that bother me, number one has got to be the biggest. I mean, really? Really?! Good-NESS!

Okay, I’m done venting now. But just so you know why I’ve been absent the last few days, because I’m sure you’ve all missed me a great deal, that is why. Oh, golly. What to say to you all today. The thing is, despite it all I love my major and I’m excited for many of my classes. I’m sure that’s not totally uncommon. If you don’t love your major you probably should consider vacating it, you know?

Okay, this is it. Really. This is now officially a post where I reach a certain point and can almost feel your heart monitor hit that long, drawn out, and totally annoying sound by the way. (Can we just dwell on that for a minute? I mean, the moment is traumatic enough, but does the monitor REALLY have to make such a terribly aggravating noise? But now I’m babbling…actually, I’ve been babbling this whole time…) Well, there is no saving this one. Take my apologies, they are sent out to you with great sincerity. Here is a penguin:



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