For Laughs

Once Upon A Time, In The Middle Of The Street

Once upon a time, I left my apartment to go to class. I was wearing a pink shirt with white polka dots, my hair was in a vintage-inspired updo. I suppose you remember small details like this when you have near death experiences. Because yes, that is exactly what this was.

129493-simple-red-square-icon-signs-road-dont-walk-wordI walked to the stoplight, saw that the light was red, and ran for it! Thinking, of course, that I didn’t want to miss the shuttle up to campus and that I wanted to be on time for class and all of that jazz. Well, those thoughts went really far away really fast, because I was only half way across when the light turned green again. I ran faster than I think I’ve ever run in my life, in the process almost getting hit by two cars and a man on a bicycle who promptly yelled, “That’s a good way to get hit!” Which, though at the time my adrenaline was going crazy and I was an emotional basket case and so thought of him as rather rude, was a very accurate statement.

Here’s the thing though, it isn’t like I actually thought about the fact that I could die. I mean, my thought process wasn’t to run out into the middle of traffic, you know? I just wanted to get to class. But there you have it, a very, very good lesson on looking before you leap.

The reason I bring this up is because there isn’t one day that passes when I don’t think about it. Every time I get to a stoplight, no matter how long the light has been red, I always wait another cycle. Always. I do that because I’d rather not go through the experience of almost getting hit by two cars and man on a bicycle. And today as I was going across the street, some kid walking behind me and talking on his phone just marched across that street like he owned it. I almost saw his inevitable demise right there. Okay, I more imagined it than anything, because he made it across just fine. For some reason, I guess I’m the only one who almost perishes whilst in a hurry. But anyway, I found it only slightly irritating because my own experience was so traumatic. For a split second, I almost yelled, “That’s a good way to get hit!”


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