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They Just Aren’t Made Like That Anymore

At the age of five years old, and still to this day, my ultimate hero was my father. My whole life I have been such a daddy’s girl. My dad used to take me on small date out to get fast food or something. And being in a large family, that kind of one on one time is very rare and precious, so I remember it well.

You see, my dad is a potato farmer. His whole life has been about working hard for everything that you get. He is such a great example of hard work and dedication. Even b703dc08b617aa7f26bef6353d7946b1though most teenagers look at their parents as being stupid, I never ever looked at my father that way. There have been plenty of times I didn’t agree with him about something, because I can be exceedingly stubborn and so can he so it was bound to create some tension. But honestly, my dad is absolutely wonderful. And I’ve come to the decision that they just aren’t made like that anymore.


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