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Something I Decided

Two weeks into the beginning of the new semester, I have to sit and reflect for a moment. As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been a little absent from the wonderful place of late. Just getting used to everything, I suppose. But these last few weeks have been extremely interesting ones. If there is one thing I know about myself, it is generally that I have a hard time making decisions. It isn’t because I’m an indecisive person, really. It’s just because I want to know for certain that once I make a decision I’ll be able to follow through.

49ebd967719190e79156305bcdef3a54So here I am, home for the weekend, staying up much too late with my family watching the 1959 “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. Oh, I just love old movies. I love them with all my heart really. I’ll have to blog about that one of these days. My family has this wonderful habit of keeping the Christmas decorations up for a very long time, because we just love Christmas and like to keep it around. As I sit beside our Christmas tree, watching this movie, and thinking back over the last weeks, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace.

You see, what all of this babbling boils down to is that these last weeks I’ve made a few very life-changing decisions. The decision-making process has been so incredibly different for me this time. I haven’t had to take forever and think about it day in and day out. I’ve just known in an instant what I needed to do and that somehow everything would work out. I think that peace is an incredibly strange thing. I think that at the end of the day we all seek two things: happiness and peace. And they are both held in so many different ways and places. I don’t think that peace and happiness are ever things that we suddenly ‘find’.  And though I think we all know this, we still all seem to go around looking for them.

The thing I’ve discovered with myself at least is that peace and happiness are one decision away. There is so much that I’m worried about with these new decisions, but there is so much more that I’m excited about. So I’m deciding to let myself feel the happiness and peace that comes with moments like these and not worry over all the things I could be. And really, it feels quite wonderful.


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