I'm Just Saying

8 Reasons Why Life Isn’t Okay

If there is one thing I have learned about life thus far in my own, it is this: Life isn’t okay. Life is not okay. Life is full of so many different things like misery, heartache, discouragement, disappointment, failure, and sadness. Life is not okay. And here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Life isn’t okay because the definition of that word cannot possibly accommodate everything that life actually is. Words like the depressing ones listed above, but also things like success, joy, happiness, wonder, excitement, and love.
  2. Life isn’t okay because it was never meant to be just “okay”. We were meant to really experience life so that no matter which of the previously mentioned words we happened to be living through, we were fully there for all of it.
  3. Life isn’t okay because it is like a mirror and a window all at once, and that, dear reader, is just a glorious paradox.
  4. Life isn’t okay because there are just moments. Moments when time stops and you look around and you just know things that you could never find words for.
  5. Life isn’t okay because of the fact that there are things that words cannot describe. If there were words adequate for the love you feel for another person, or for moments holding a baby, or moments laughing with friends, or moments crying over heartache or chick flicks, then life would be okay. But those words don’t exist.
  6. Life isn’t okay because it was made to hold the moments and the lessons and all the spilled milk.
  7. Life isn’t okay because what does that word even mean anyway? We use it when we actually are doing well or when we aren’t. Saying that life is “okay” just really means that you don’t even know what’s there.
  8. Life isn’t okay because through all the heartache and misery and laughter and happiness and redundant notes to self and everyday living, it was never supposed to be definable. We all sit here and try to say what life is or what it is like when in reality, we have no idea. Everybody is different, everybody has different issues or joys.


We are all here for a reason. Life has a purpose. But each of us has a different reason for being here, a different mission to fulfill. And ultimately, that mission was never fc2e2b0bea69622d5b3ceb540b1f107asupposed to just be “okay.” It was never even supposed to be a “mission accomplished” sort of thing because where is all of the stuff of life in that? We are human, so we try to define things and categorize them, we try to make sense of all sorts of things. When really, we all know deep down that there isn’t a way to say everything and have it really mean what it means inside.

And so, life isn’t okay. Life isn’t okay for so many reasons. But what it all comes down to, if you’re trying to define it, well…I can only think of one way to try and say it all. Life isn’t okay because it is full, so full of so much, good or bad. And so really, how can it be anything but a truly marvelous gift?


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