I'm Just Saying

A Human Story

As human beings, I think that we have a lot in common. Despite where we live, where we work, what we do with our lives, or what our problems are, at the most basic level we are all human. We have each experienced various emotions, we have each experienced various situations. And when I stop to think about this fact, I suddenly feel terribly humbled. To think of all of the terrible things that each of us goes through every day, to think of the things that happen in this world. I feel humbled. I feel immensely grateful for the things that I do have and strengthened for the trials I face.

This last week, I had one of these experiences. These moments I am so blessed to have because they help me realize all that God has given to me. They make me realize all of the good things that happen and to be grateful for them. These experiences make me want to conquer all that terrifies me, because I know that everybody else is living the exact same story. It may be different details or characters, but in the end we all know what it’s like to be afraid of something or to face tragedy.

I was asked to share a cause with you. A wonderful cause. This story strikes me to my heart. It gave me one of these completely humbling experiences. It is the story of a young family. After they welcomed their daughter Lily into the world, the mother Heather was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer and given 15 months to live. Not only did she defy this prediction, she also had to have her lung removed in the process. Now, each year on the anniversary of that procedure, they hold a celebration known as Lung Leavin’ Day. They gather together with friends and family, write their fears on a plate, and smash them into the fire. This has grown bigger and bigger every year, and they now use it as a fundraiser for mesothelioma awareness. Heather’s husband Cameron is an incredible example of support to his wife and writes a mesothelioma alliance blog. This family is changing the world, despite having gone through terrible things.

This story brings me so much inspiration, and I hope it does for you,too. This is a story about people facing terrible adversity. And not just going through it. But facing it and being victorious. It is a story about facing your fears and conquering them. It is a story about learning from challenges and becoming a better person. It is a story that I have learned so much from, and I invite you to learn from it, too. Because it doesn’t have to be only their story anymore. It is a human story.


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