For Laughs

The One Time I Hate Red

Red. It’s my bold color, my confidence color. Red is just that color for me. I look good in the color red. But wait, wait, just wait. There is only one instance in which this really isn’t the case.

Embarrassment. Oh, how I loathe it. To be fair, I suppose that nobody likes to be embarrassed. But…well, this is when red does not look good on me. Partly because when I’m embarrassed, my face gets RED RED RED! Oh, goodness. It’s really a terrible thing. And really, it takes very, very little to get this reaction from me. I guess that’s actually the bad part.

So, that being established, the last time I got seriously embarrassed. Ummmm, well, let’s see. Ah, yes, how could I have forgotten. Well, you see, it is winter. And that being the case I am surrounded by snow and ice. Of course, this is going to be a slipping story, that’s inevitable. But, of course I had to be wearing a huge backpack and of course I had to be walking down a hill, and of course I had to slide all the way down the hill and OF COURSE there just happened to be a road full of cars just right there. Good grief. My face was literally radiating heat. Oh….


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