Just Writing


A poem from some time ago. Please read and enjoy!

Call Me Incorrigible


Make a wish, my dear

Hold it so close to your heart

Rest as the sun goes down, my dear

Your wish will never fall apart

A wish is such a special thing, my love

That rests in your heart and entwines in your soul

And the birds may not always sing, my love

But you’ll always be you in each tomorrow

It is alright for a wish to change, dear one

It is alright to discover something new

Never worry that you are leaving something behind, dear one

New dreams and wishes are merely sharing the room

Make your special wish, dear heart

Feel it join what shines in your eyes

Believe in your precious wish, dear heart

Belief in the small things will make you wise

Remember where you came from, my dear

And the many people that came before

Their lives helped to shape yours, my…

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