For Laughs

This Post Wouldn’t Exist If I Lived In The U.K

So, this is what happened.

07bd1a206bdf892bb4578052d35ce12aIt’s raining today. Yes, shocking, crazy, I know. It’s raining today. But it just so happens that within the general area where I reside, it doesn’t rain that often. And so for some reason, as I’m walking across campus this morning, holding my umbrella and being wonderful in doing so, I began to get looks. Strange looks. A lot of strange looks, directed at my wonderful umbrella. (Which by the way, if you remember from a former post my umbrella had seen better days, so this is a new umbrella.)

I can only now assume that the reason behind this is because it never rains here, ever. And so, obviously, people don’t use umbrellas. No exaggeration, I probably saw one other umbrella during this downpour. Just one. One umbrella amidst all that water falling from the sky. And the only conclusion that I came up with was this:

If I lived in the U.K where it rains all the time, this experience would’ve never happened to me. I almost had to stop and ask myself if what I was doing was necessary. But wait, yes! There was water falling from the sky. I think that requires an umbrella. For some reason, I suppose I thought that using an umbrella was a totally natural thing to do when it rains. Am I wrong here? It was simply a very puzzling experience which I found myself in the center of. One that would not have happened if I wasn’t the only one in this place who owned an umbrella.


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