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A Day I Dream Of Living

The day is overcast, my perfect type of day. The season is autumn, it is October 4 to be exact. I awake naturally, letting my eyes adjust to the rich colors of my room, feeling the soft fabric of the blankets against my skin. I stretch, and get out of bed to look out the window. The world is bright with vivid yellows, oranges, reds, and browns. The sky is a deep gray, a sort of French blue hugging the horizon. Today is a beautiful day, I say to myself. The perfect type of day to get something wonderful created.

After readying myself for the day, I sit down beside a window overlooking the expansive landscape, letting my mind be filled with the inspiration. Next I turn on beautiful instrumental music and open a bound journal to a blank page. This is where I do most of my initial thinking, jotting down ideas and thoughts, drawing arrows to how they connect. Maybe I even make a list of what needs to be accomplished that day, perhaps it adds to my ideas. Today the list says:

  • brainstorm
  • research for theater project
  • begin chapter 14
  • finish David Copperfield

I look over my list, smiling for a moment at the fact that I purposely left out anything necessary for life: like food or maybe laundry. It is my way of thinking that all of that will get taken care of anyway, and I don’t need to muddle up  a perfectly good agenda with it.

An hour later, brainstorm finished, I walk to my home office, which again has a lovely view of the beautiful day outside, and sit at my computer. Time to begin my other job, and it’s a wonderful one. A community theater has recently hired me to do the historical research for their next season of shows. On top of the long distance work for two other theaters, and a book deadline approaching, I suppose I should be overwhelmed or exhausted. But I’m not. How many people get to wake up every morning and work two dream jobs? Not many. I finish this thought with a smile as I launch into my research about renaissance Italy. The work of a private historical consultant takes many turns, and more likely than not I’ll be neck deep into all sorts of material by the afternoon. But that’s the way I love it. And it always leaves room for an evening of writing and Dickens.


9 thoughts on “A Day I Dream Of Living”

  1. The way that you described this day helped me envision the peace and joy you have in doing these jobs. Since your title is ‘a day I dream of living’, I hope this is truly your world. Either way, thanks for sharing!

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