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Both Spoken And Thought

Words. Speech. The most powerful tool on this earth, the most amazing thing to have at our disposal. Used in specific ways, you can make it or break it, change it or keep it. “It” being whatever definition you wish.

fed87d4f00d148f44185fc1318a13dd5As a writer, I have a love affair with words. I love to speak them, I love to write them. Words are the very center of my universe, there are ways I use them that I don’t even know. Before I’m about to say something during a witty conversation, I run the sentence over in my head about five times. I insert words, take out words, rearrange them. All trying to make the best possible combination. In short, to me, words are absolutely everything. So when they are used in terrible ways, I simply cannot abide it.

I find this Daily Prompt oddly fitting for me today. Because it was only yesterday that I simply had to sit down and talk to my roommate about something that drives me to a point of complete and utter stillness. I get so worked up that I can’t even think anymore. (Which for me, is saying a lot). And now I get to tell you all about it right here. Lucky you.

I hate it when people use words in terrible and demeaning ways. And not necessarily by being sarcastic or rude. I’m talking about a very specific instance. I hate it when all a 67be87cc9edb5e3f10b55ae3639bc6dbperson can do is talk about the things that they hate. It is as if their entire world is consumed with hatred of something and they have to shout it from the rooftops all. the. time. Why would you waste your time, your positive energy, and the immense conscious and subconscious power of words with such nonsense? It is okay to dislike something, because we all do. But do you really have to talk about it all the time? Do you really have to dwell on it every moment and demean those who actually love it? Why is it that when we hate something we can be passionate about our hate for it? But when we love something, being passionate about it is just over-dramatic or theatrical?

This is a sort of vice in others that more than irritates me. I find it rude and terribly ba6a6d41f13ca4441d88558b96275b95inconsiderate, and not just to others, but also to yourself. The things you say and the things that you think are so incredibly powerful to your overall health and life. Why would you waste that power and ability spreading negativity and hurting others with it? If you must talk about it, talk about it once and be done. Write a list of your dislikes, hammer that paper with everything negative about them that you can think, and then burn it. Venting is natural, but living in a state of your dislikes is not.

Let’s be passionate about the things that we love and the things that make us happy. There is already so much suffering in the world. Why wouldn’t we want to use the power of words, both spoken and thought, to make the world just a little brighter?


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