Just Writing

A Poem About A Hero


Tossed upon a busy river

Sent with but a prayer

Kept safe by heaven’s hands

And sent safely there

You were but a small babe

Your mother loved you so

For this reason she sent you off

A different path to go

And though that is the story

Of you, a hero of mine

I cannot help but wonder

What you thought when it was time

How were you to know

That God’s hands you’d be?

How were you to know,

That you’d part the Red Sea?

In that moment there in Egypt,

A land so great in the world

Did you cry when you left,

The only family you’d ever known?

I have read your story

Upon those ancient pages

And I know that what you did

Brought divine eternal wages

But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard

That doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt

When you realized what was meant for you

When you realized who you were

And it probably hurt so badly

To leave and know it was the end

A life you thought was your own

How could you comprehend?

And it probably didn’t get easier

To push against those you still loved

To choose between two things,

On an errand for God above

But you did it all for Him

You performed your divine mission

And now I read your story

So clear and bright before my vision

I can imagine your pain

And badly it must have hurt

But your faith was so great

You knew it would have untold worth

Today there is something I need to say

I wanted to say thank you

For enduring pain but going on

For the only One you had to prove


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