I'm Just Saying

My Best Friend’s Wedding

The day dawned bright and clear and very springy, I’m sure, behind the huge charcoal colored clouds that blanketed the sky. I’m sure they were shielding an absolutely beautiful day, really I am. But as it was, when we awoke on the morning of the wedding, all was blizzard-y in wedding-land. Slick roads, high gusts of wind, lots and lots of snow. These were the conditions on Saturday, the day of my best friend’s wedding.

I was given the honor of styling her ridiculously beautiful amount of hair. We did it in a lot of beautiful curls and left it down very long and quite lovely. The day went by with a lot of happiness, a lot of tears. And at the end of the day, I sat down and thought for a moment.

a2ace17707eedfe03f6fb05dba7c7330I’d be lying if I said that it hasn’t been hard. For some reason, having my best friend get married has been way harder than having even my sisters get married. We’ve been so close for so long, and sometimes moving on to different stages of life can be entirely bittersweet. However, it was incredible. She looked absolutely beautiful, and he is a wonderful man. I wish them a happily ever after.

I guess the whole point here is the whole moving on to different things aspect of life. Just because she is married now doesn’t mean that we aren’t still best friends or anything. But her husband is now her number one priority, I understand that. The thing that has kept coming back to me throughout this whole thing is how quickly life changes, how different things can be. But, as Frank would say, that’s life.

I suppose there are multiple points to this post, though it isn’t organized very well. I guess there is just a lot rolling around in my head right now. Things like change and dreams and true love and life in general and friendship and happiness. The stuff of life, really. The really important things.


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