I'm Just Saying

All The Things That We Are

Far, far too often in this world do we hear that it is a terrible planet. The world is a terrible place. People are terrible. There is too much death, too much suffering, too much judgement, too much sadness, too much pain. There is not enough tolerance, not enough love, not enough peace, not enough joy, not enough equality. These are the things that we hear today.

And today I want to say something: this kind of talk is ridiculous. It is just ridiculous. We spend so much time lamenting how horrible the world is and about all of the things it doesn’t have that we don’t spend any time celebrating how wonderful it can be and all of the things that it does have. And in no way am I sitting here and saying that the world is perfect and there is no need for change, because that too is ridiculous. But I think that we need to step back for a moment and take in the things that we have, the things that we are and enjoy them. It is time to stop hating ourselves and hating the world for all of the things that we lack. It is time to start loving ourselves and loving the world for all of the things that we do have. We live in a world of beautiful sunsets, of cloudy days, of music, of funny things, of opportunities to serve others. The world can be a beautiful place if you let it be.

Something that I’ve been working really hard on since coming to college is loving myself and gaining confidence. And this idea that I’m talking about today has hit me really hard. Why must we always look at ourselves and the world from the half-empty perspective? Because, really, we have come so incredibly far. We may not be where we want to be, the world may not be the world we wish it was. But we certainly aren’t what we were. So let’s start rejoicing in all of the things that we are.


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