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Success, Anyone?

Success is basically measured by accomplishments. This is something that isn’t really that arguable. In the world’s eyes, you are successful if you’ve got an impressive resume. (In no way, shape, or form am I implying here that having an impressive resume doesn’t make you successful. Just bear with me.)

I will be the very first to admit that I have been taken in by this world view of success, and in many instances it has caused some not-so-good feelings about myself. Just because my resume isn’t the most impressive novel ever written about everything I’ve ever done doesn’t make me unsuccessful. But I’ve let myself get into that mentality more than once.

And even more than that, I’ll also admit to all of you that many, many times I’ve suffered from this thing known as Impostor Syndrome. It seems that even when I work so, so hard at something, if it turns out favorably I somehow think that it was luck. Chance. I mean, I didn’t really work that hard at it so, you know, I don’t really deserve it. I’m not that good, really.

bbda5f3804cb78bb63ddcf1cfbfcb009It isn’t that would classify myself as somebody who isn’t confident. I’ve been working a lot on that since coming to school, and I’ve made leaps and bounds. Really. But, just like everyone else, I’ve major times in my life when I lacked confidence. Even if I knew I was really, really good at something, I still didn’t think I was because how could have really done that? I mean, come on, it’s only little old me. Brush it off, push it away. It’s nothing.

But where that got me was absolutely nowhere. I should have been more grateful for those successes. Because even though they may have been small, even though my “resume” may still not be the most amazing in this world, I have had successes. They were blessings, really. I was able to work hard and get somewhere, and that is an incredible feeling. Even now I’m not going to pretend that we do it all on our own. I’m not ashamed of saying that I believe God deserves basically all of the credit for things like that. He gave us everything, after all. That is why I referred to this successes as blessings. God loves us, and He wants us to be happy, and He wants us to succeed. This whole Impostor Syndrome that I’ve found myself being sucked into too many times is a negative thing. Negative thoughts that lead you to negative places. And, come on, nobody wants to go there.

Confident thoughts. Confident feelings. I am me. I am in control of what I choose and where I go. I am not an impostor of success. Good things happen when we work hard.


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