For Laughs

A New Kind Of Dead Week

Well, I don’t know how many of you were or were not intrigued by yesterday’s post. But in any event, I promised you a story, and so a story I will tell you.

02426465198fc7050647184f8c01187dIt all began about eight days ago. It was Sunday March 30, at around six in the evening. I was sitting on my bed and watching a Frank special featuring Ella Fitzgerald. Needless to say, I was completely happy and enjoying my Sunday evening immensely. It was then that my roommate looked over at me with an intensity and purpose that I’ve never really been confronted by before and simply said, “You are scaring me.”

From there the conversation took a few interesting turns and ended up with an interesting twist. My roommate challenged me to go an entire week with no Frank. No music, no movies, no pictures. Nothing. Just completely cut him out of my life for a week. Which, being the stubborn person that I am, I immediately accepted. Before I continue, know that in no way at all am I bashing on this roommate of mine. She’s completely incredible and this whole thing turned out to be quite amusing actually. So, kudos to her.

Now, you may not believe the statements that I am about to record. However, I can assure c63ba8978c3450fe46aa3d639e8e26d1you from the depths of my soul that they are completely true. I have done this sort of thing quite frequently, but without realizing I was doing it. I went a period of weeks and weeks once and then finally realized what it was that was causing a black hole in my life. However, I have never done it at the express request of somebody. So even though I knew it would probably be challenging, I knew myself utterly capable of it. The catch was that I wasn’t allowed to really even think about it, which I was more or less successful at, so telling you all about it before the deadline was against the established rules.

And to continue being perfectly honest with you, because I had to do it it was a little harder than if I had just happened to do it. However, I did it. Yes. Yes I did. There were no extreme emotional breakdowns or tears of any kind, either. So, as I sit here reunited with the best music ever recorded, there are a few things I want to say about my No Frank Week:

  1. I knew I could do it, and did. Moral of that story: you are pretty much the only person you have to prove yourself to. Remember that.
  2. It was an interesting journey, and I actually learned a lot. I would recommend everybody doing it with something that is very important in their life. Try going one week without something and see what happens. It’s pretty eye opening.
  3. Crushed it. Yes. I crushed it.
  4. You realize how much things mean when you aren’t able to have them around all the time. Things take on a new meaning, I guess. So if you really do take up my recommendation and choose something to go without, you’ll find that you’ll gain an army of new perspectives on it.

So, No Frank Week has been conquered. Mission accomplished.



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