For Laughs

Blog Titles, Conquering, and Scraps of Pity

It has been a few days since I posted anything here on Call Me Incorrigible (can I just say that if nothing else, my blog title is cool? Am I allowed to just throw that out there?), which isn’t totally abnormal for me. However, as I got on today and sat looking at my blog (yes, I just get on here and stare at it sometimes, okay? I don’t understand it either) I realized that the last post I posted just happened to be about something challenging that I conquered.

And then I sat there a moment and let that sink in. And eventually the conclusion that my brain, which is slush from a crazy week, finally came to was this; I perished. Really. I basically perished. I wrote about something I conquered and then fell off the map for four days. Options are a) I didn’t conquer because it killed me or b) I simply have no creativity left in the whole essence of my being.

Well, I would like to basically say that I did not, in fact, die and that there is a little creativity left in here. Luckily it’s the weekend, so the creativity will soon fight its way through biology and statistics mush.

As this post is going utterly nowhere and is also rife with tangents and strange comments in parentheses, I suppose that I’ll simply end it as I have not ended a post in a while. (That was totally intentional, I mean, seriously, I’ve been trying to put worthwhile things on here but sometimes you just have to let it go and hope that your readers return one day and that the bright hope in their eyes won’t be completely extinguished and therefore leave nothing but a scrap of pity…) Like I said. I’ll close now. Here is a baby duck:




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