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What It Means To Rebel

Once upon a…yesterday, I had this breakthrough moment. I sat in my living room chatting with my roommates during our lunch break and had this realization: I did not want to go to the rest of my classes. With finals coming up and stress at extremely unhealthy levels, I just felt that the wisest course of action would be to remove myself from the situations for a day.

So that is exactly what I did.

Premeditated, absolutely. I consciously thought, I don’t want to go to class and then I proceeded to blatantly not go to class. However, because of what ended up happening I’ll never be more grateful for a decision in my entire life. Here is what happened.

6bb9c686b5105a16c9edbb334a223173So I have this small, plaid travel suitcase that is perfect for trips that last over the weekend. During high school I carted that thing all over the place to Speech and Drama competitions but since I came to college it has had a very important job: D.V.D collection houser. My D.V.D collection is pretty intense and has taken an immense amount of time and effort to get it where it is. And it shall continue to grow and become a wonderful work of art. I like my movies, okay?

Anyway, the problem has been that my collection is getting so large that I was having to store some of my movies elsewhere, which is obviously not ideal because then I have to remember where they all are. But yesterday, with Frank playing on speakers and a glorious moment of rebelliousness, I skipped two classes and reorganized my D.V.D collection. And I’ll never know quite how I accomplished it, but every single one of them fit into my suitcase. Consider them alphabetized, grouped by genre, and color coded. (Okay, it wasn’t that intense, but while I was doing it it sure felt that way.)

Best. Moment. Ever.


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