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Since it has been almost a week since my last post, I figured that I’d get on this blog of red-question-mark-circle-clip-art_428358mine and try and create something wonderful. However, I’ve been sitting here for quite a while looking at this intimidating screen.

“Add New Post” it says, as if that’s the easiest thing in the world. As if it isn’t completely nerve wracking to try and come up with something to talk about today. It isn’t as if my brain is lacking in the usual commentary, it is simply that I have no idea what to tell all of you today. This last week has been absolutely crazy. With finals week before me and moving out and all that jazz, on top of which I’ve had a terrible cold, my life hasn’t lacked in events, merely the stuff that I usually write about.

Life has been a crazy, crazy thing lately. It has been a mixture of, well, it’s probably just easier to make a list:

  • Life changing moments
  • Reflection on the past
  • Thinking of the future
  • Laughing in the moment
  • Too much caffeine and t.v shows
  • Stress over finals
  • Making memories
  • Laughing with roommates until 3 a.m
  • Not enough sleep (obviously, the last bullet confirmed that…)
  • Slumber parties
  • Shakespeare

As you can see, my plate has been utterly full of a plethora of things. Perhaps I’ll choose 6027077f01e5ed85acb6057cd328709done and tell you about that to make this attempt worthwhile. According to the completely reliable online random picking thing I just used, I’ll be talking about laughing in the moment.

Funny, because I feel like I post about this a lot. Interestingly enough, I think that I post most frequently about the things I feel I need to do more. In the end, I think what this topic boils down to is being happy. If you are happy, then you enjoy every second. If you are happy, you make wonderful memories. If you are happy, then you life your life to the fullest and laugh at every possible opportunity. I guess that’s my message today. Be happy.


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