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A Journey Doesn’t Begin Without Thank You

Well, it’s official everyone. I have finished a year of college and am now moved back home for the summer. Looking back over this year I’ve had, I would call it a lot of things. It has been a wonderful year. A year of challenges, countless laughs, a few tears, an acquired snort, and spreading the wonderful word of Frank Sinatra. I’ve learned a lot about myself and made a host of treasured memories.

fa3b75e6a520fb7bb51d53db175ecad2And now it is the beginning of a new journey. I still have many years of college ahead of my and everything, but it all feels so different somehow. It’s just a new phase of life I’m embarking upon, and I’ve got that feeling of anxiety and happiness and fright and excitement.

I will say this, though: I have absolutely loved having this blog. I began it back in November, when I’d been in college a few months. There wasn’t really a specific purpose to this blog, and let’s be honest there really isn’t one now, but it gave me something else besides regular every day life to think about. I started thinking about things in a new light because I was always generating post ideas in the back of my mind. This blog has helped me become a better writer because of that, I think.

I have always considered myself a writer, and ever since I can remember my brain has looked at life through a storytelling point of view and always tried to generate new book ideas. But this was just different, it was a little bit more short term because I could write about it that very night and have it out there. At any rate, this blog has helped me in many ways and I can’t imagine what this last year would’ve been like without it.

So, a big thank you to all of you for supporting me.


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