I Was Wondering, I'm Just Saying

Tapestry Memories

“Which good memories are better – the recent and vivid ones, or those that times has covered in a sweet haze?”

Today’s Daily Prompt is interesting. I don’t really know how to respond to it, yet I know that I want to. It’s strange how these prompts always seem to be asking questions about the things that I’ve been recently thinking over.

f7f5953e733dab4e0661935936f75959Memories are a very interesting thing. They are a blessing, really. What would life be if we couldn’t remember those brilliant moments in time? Life wouldn’t exist. It would have no meaning without memories. Without memories, what are we, really? And if that is the case, then I don’t think that memories can really be classified. Some are bad and some are good, yes, but they are the stuff of our lives. Some are more vivid and some are glazed in a sweet haze of times gone by.

If you were to try and say which ones are the best, I don’t know if you really could because they are all so different. The ones of long ago that are seemingly glazed over, they are sweet and special, dear to our hearts on such a different level. The ones that are more recent and vivid, they seemed sharpened in some sort of photo shop way, heightened to a different form. Yes, there are many memories that we would rather think about than others, but each of them are equally important and have a special place in the fabric of our lives.

Our memories seem to each be a different strand in the tapestry of our life, if that metaphor makes more sense. One strand by itself may not do much, but together they make something wonderful and therefore have vital importance individually.


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