I'm Just Saying

The Human Moment

76d63cb08a75ee7e864f8e495620546cA couple of weeks ago, I had a moment. It was a moment that is actually somewhat hard to describe, but a moment that I think we all crave to some degree. I think that because I actually experienced this moment is what makes it so hard to put down accurately in words. But I will try.

It was the middle of the afternoon on a sunny day. I was getting ready to go somewhere 47eae126bd81bb4d46c5218802f613c7special for the evening, and as such I was taking a few extra pains. I wanted it to be a special night with my family that would last in my memories forever. I mean, I even had just gotten a brand new outfit for the occasion that I dubbed my “Grace Kelly outfit”. A green dress with white designs, a pressed white collared shirt for under it, gold jewelry, and gold shoes. It was going to be so great.

I guess you could say that I had plenty of “moments” that night. Moments that are full of memories, tears, moments that you never forget. But I’ll also never forget the moment that I had a few hours before all of that as I was simply by myself and getting ready for the evening. It was as if everything slowed down or a moment and suddenly, everything made sense.

92201c9635ef71c1009e5cc2c97278d0In that moment I realized that I am meant to be. That everything I am is meant to be. That everything that makes me who I am – my favorite foods, movies, songs, books, my memories, my family – it is just right. The experiences I have had in my life that have shaped me have all been meant to be. I am where I am right now because it’s where I’m supposed to be. I am who I am because it’s who I’m supposed to be.

Our interests, our talents, our likes, our dislikes, our passions, our fears…it is all part of us. It’s meant to be.


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