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27 Dresses (Or 2 And Some Skirts)

These are not my suitcases, but I wish they were. They look like they've seen a thing or two.
These are not my suitcases, but I wish they were. They look like they’ve seen a thing or two.

With my mission only ten days away (goodness, can you believe it went so fast?) I have to say that there is still a lot to do. I’ve been shopping for all of the things I’m going to need in order to live out of two suitcases for 18 months, and pretty much just staring at it. I didn’t think that I’d be skirting the issue or anything (no pun intended, but that was pretty good) but for some reason everything I have is just stacked on top of my suitcases. I’m not ready to put anything in them yet, I suppose.

I’ve definitely gone through phases with this whole thing. Sometimes I’m so excited to get out there that I can’t even handle it, other times I’m so scared and nervous that I want to hide away and never come out. It’s strange actually, because I went through basically an identical experience not too long ago when I was getting ready to go away to college. And though I’m grateful for that experience, that was obviously preparatory, I’m still going through the same thing all over again. I feel like a mission is a little bit more intense than just going away to school.

Religion is extremely important in this world, regardless of what religion you are a part of. 8ad54c264bba452cc082930399917bb9Religion is something that is central in the lives of people, something people believe in and lean on. To go out there and spread my own religion is something that I am eternally grateful that I get to do, but there is still some things that make me so nervous about it. The thing I have noticed about myself, though, is that when I get extremely nervous, the only thing to do is go out and do it. And my nervousness only lasts that long. Once I finally get there, it’s gone.

As I look back over the last 18 months of my life, I realize just how fast everything has gone. Too fast, really. Like this last school year for instance. My roommates were amazing, and it all went by too fast. I know that the 18 months I’m about to go experience will pass just as quickly, and then it will be over, and if I don’t enjoy it I’ll spend the rest of my life wishing I’d enjoyed it more. So, even though I’m currently in the nervous phase, I’m going to try to push through that. Because I’ve got a feeling that there is going to be a lot of good, as well.


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