I'm Just Saying

This One’s For You

The day should be July 1, 2014 as you read this. It is so weird to be writing these posts and to know that I won’t be around when you read them! However, I am very, very grateful that I even have this option because I’m going to miss you all terribly…or I do miss you terribly. I’m still trying to figure out what tense to write these posts in.

8a32456ecb8809b4801ed98439c5c11aI figured that this very first while-I’m-away post was very important. I would be so sad if you were all gone when I returned home, because you’ve all made such a wonderful difference in my life. And because this post is important, I decided that I would use it as a thank you to a very important person.

So, a very huge thank you to:


(Richard, I know you didn’t know I was going to do this, so I hope that it’s a good surprise.)

Richard was my very first follower from the WordPress community and has stuck by me fa3b75e6a520fb7bb51d53db175ecad2through thick and thin. From the first days when I didn’t know how to blog AT ALL (and cried to my roommate when one day my followers dropped from 20 to 19) to now when I still really don’t know what I’m doing. He’s an amazing writer, with more talent than can be expressed, and above all an amazing person. Whenever Richard likes one of my posts or comments on it, I feel like I’ve been given a medal.

When I first began this blog I knew that I would meet a lot of people through it, and I was little skeptical. I may be a little old fashioned that way, I guess, but my mentality was, “How are you really supposed to know who you’re even talking to? How are you supposed to really know them?”

But I was extremely blessed to have my first blogging friend be Richard. It doesn’t matter that I only know him through the blogging world, I found that that fear was completely unnecessary here. Richard has helped me become more comfortable in the blogging world as well as with my writing in general. From the beginning I knew of his sincerity, his genuine passion for life, and what a good person he is. And you can feel all of that in his wonderful writing. So, for all of you who are reading this and don’t know Richard, pop over to his website and take a peek. You’ll never regret it.

And Richard, thank you so, so much. Stay golden.


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