I'm Just Saying

Count On September

Happy September! How did the Happiness Challenge go for everybody? I hope that it went well and that, at the very least, it helped you realize that the small things in life are generally what add up to happiness.

f87f07b2de4cb4678a4b6dcc49f40cf8I love September. I have a love affair with Autumn actually. It’s the most beautiful season of the year, when everything decides to go into overdrive and everything is vibrant in an older sort of way. Spring might be when everything “comes to life again”, but Autumn is when the harvest is. It’s when the world is bright with reds, oranges, and yellows. When the harvest moon rises huge and orange in the sky and it always smells like freshly dug dirt. Or, at least, that is what Autumn is like on my family’s large farm.

Potato harvest will be beginning very soon for my197e85f783ceb0f835cf6c772e71566e family. As I write this post in June, I can’t help but wonder where I am at right now as you are reading this. I’m sure that wherever it is, though, I’m doing well. I’m probably thinking about Autumn and how much I love it, how the world seems so old and wise. In the Autumn, it’s almost as if you could hear a deep and wonderful secret if you just listened closely enough. Autumn knows things. No matter what happens in the year, no matter what challenges I face, I always know that when Autumn rolls around I can count on that feeling. I can always count on September.

I wish you all a wonderful September, and Autumn season in general. Keep smiling.


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