I Was Wondering

Looking Back

cdc1c0bb2cee3196233588a39aaa17dcOne year, people!!! One year! This month marks one year since I began this blog! And a huge thank you to everybody that has supported me in it, whether you’ve been here the whole year or a few days. You are all a great bunch, and I have to say that blogging is an absolutely amazing experience for me because of all of you.

There have been a plethora of rough patches (posts that have absolutely no point and had to end with pictures of baby animals as a consolation for reading them), and so, so many moments when I didn’t know what I was doing. There were actually several times when I made up my mind that I was going to delete my blog because I felt like it was useless and more of a nuisance to people than something positive. Obviously, I never did that. If nothing else, this blog has helped my writing and my confidence in it. I know that I’ve become better at it through practice and with your encouragement, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Because starting a blog was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Even though there were all of those rough patches and moments of, “What am I even doing here?” It has all been worth it and more. I’ve met so many amazing people and have been impacted by their stories and attitudes about life. Blogging has taught me that no matter where we find ourselves on this earth, we are all human. We all face a life ahead of us, and there is so much potential to learn from each other.

I used to think that I blogged for myself. I think, honestly, that that is probably how it began.e3374415490bffad39f1b29e4ed73a91 I knew that I would be able to learn and grow from it, and I wanted somewhere to record things that were important to me. I keep a journal, but I wanted it to be different from that. To be perfectly honest, I think I’m hilarious, and if all I ever did was write about that in a journal then nobody would ever get to have a brighter life because of my hilarity. Okay, that really wasn’t my thought process when I started this blog, but I knew that I did want some type of feedback.

And now, I know that in many ways I still do blog for myself. I blog because it makes me happy, I blog because it teaches me new things everyday. Like how to look at life from different angles and perspectives, how to view things from the other side of it all. I blog because, let’s face it, it is so fun! And most of all, I blog because I hope that in some way the perspective of an overly dramatic young woman enamored of Frank Sinatra, history, and writing may impact yours in some positive way.

And if it has, then, well. Mission Accomplished.



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