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Twelve Ways Of…

Once upon a time,

There lived a young lady whose character traits made absolutely no sense put together in the same form. For some reason, she managed to have quite a few good friends and a great sense of humor (yes, that’s right, she was absolutely hilarious). The thing that most people learned about her from the beginning was that once she found something she loved, she held onto it with everything she had. In a word? She was passionate. No matter what things she may have not been confident about, the one thing she did know about herself was that. Once something had her love, it had it forever. And that being the case…

OH, MY GOSH ITS FINALLY DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! And you all know exactly what that means!!!!


71ea1ef5c1038f5d95479a6c7b9f719aGood gravy, there simply are not words that can accurately describe how much I adore Christmas. It has always been such a wonderful and magical time in my life, full of so many beautiful moments and memories. I get absolutely giddy around Christmas time and can’t sleep the night before and everything. Whenever people aren’t that way, I always have the urge to say, “What do you mean you’re not excited? It’s freaking Christmas!” But one of the things I love most about the Christmas season is just that: it’s an entire season! A whole season, not just one day, devoted to love, gratitude, family, and Jesus Christ.

It absolutely breaks my heart when I come across people that do not realize what a treasure Christmas is. When people say things like, “I can’t wait for Christmas to be over.” Or, “I’m so glad it’s over.” I honestly can’t even believe my ears. When the world is so far gone that they’ve forgotten how to treasure that time, well, there’s something completely wrong there. Even if Christmas isn’t what you celebrate around that time, there is still that same feeling in the air.

So, if you happen to be a Scrooge (bless your heart) I beg of you to keep reading. If you aren’t, still keep reading. I’m about to give you the “How To Have An Absolutely Amazing Christmas” Guidebook. Read it. And more importantly, follow it. You’ll thank me one day:12827aa6f2285ded709711a231bf9f27

  1. Obtain the following Christmas Albums: Frank Sinatra’s A Jolly Christmas, Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Songs by SinatraJosh Groban’s Noel, and Martina McBride’s White Christmas. And then listen to them all season. Even if you don’t like these styles of music, give it a fair chance! These are my absolute favorite Christmas albums and give me chills every time.
  2. Get some of those small ceramic houses and paint them with family or friends (while listening to the albums and making Christmas treats). Then you can begin a collection and after a few Christmases you’ll have an entire village. It’s a great memory to make.
  3. ee1bee5a1bce867f525ba793f68ccddbWatch White Christmas at least three or four times over the season (I recommend more because, well, it’s Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye so…) and It’s A Wonderful Life as well. Let’s face it, it’s Jimmy Stewart.
  4. Always keep hot water on the stove and plenty of hot chocolate in the cupboards. You never know when you might need it. (My personal favorite is raspberry hot chocolate with a dash of regular hot chocolate and a shot of coffee creamer. There aren’t words for that either.)
  5. Pretty much have the Christmas music playing all the time, even if it’s just in the background. Even if you aren’t really listening to it or paying attention to it, it will add the best atmosphere to your home.
  6. If possible, get a real Christmas tree because they smell SO good! If not possible, then get those cans of spray that smells that Christmas trees. It’s all about the atmosphere, people!
  7. For goodness sakes, decorate!!!! Even if you aren’t going to be home on Christmas Day, even if you can only do one strand of lights or one bulb: decorate!! Remember, we are creating an atmosphere, after all. Decorating is a way of showing your appreciation for the season. Do what you can.
  8. Have a Christmas Eve party. And I’ll just say it like it is: no alcohol. You may think I’m fe9a5f3d334c3d091ecd6641a22a0bdecrazy for saying that, but I stand by it and I always will. This isn’t a party that needs any of that. It’s supposed to be special, and you will live without all of that stuff. Christmas isn’t about that. Also, at this party either have the kids reenact the Nativity or at least read it. Help everybody remember what you’re doing there in the first place.
  9. If you do a Christmas ham or turkey or whatever, do your best to have it in the oven for a while before the whole family wakes up. That way when everybody does wake up the house smells like it. Trust me, your kids will remember that smell mixed with that excitement forever.
  10. On Christmas Day, take turns opening presents. Trust me, I have nine siblings and every single Christmas we took turns opening presents. It may have taken a while, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s fun to see what everybody else gets, too. Also, while opening presents, have the Christmas albums playing softly in the background.
  11. Leave the decorations up longer than until the day after Christmas or two days after. If possible, give it at least a week. Those wonderful feelings, that atmosphere we’ve been working on all season, don’t have to leave right away unless you let them.
  12. Most of all: enjoy it. Love it. I didn’t really want to call this a guidebook because Christmas isn’t something you should have to be guided through. It is something to be cherished. So please, cherish it.

Merry Christmas.



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