I Was Wondering

All That Jazz

ec5e903aa0f8d17da51fdda97af1a02fI want to know about jazz. I absolutely love jazz,  but there is something that I’ve been wondering about lately. What is considered “jazz” anyway? What I think aside, what is the world’s opinion there? Let me lay it out for you the way that I have observed.

Today we basically consider anything with a lot of trumpets and saxophones jazz. Frank Sinatra is considered a jazz artist now. However, when all of his music was coming out, it was actually the equivalent of pop. That genre is technically classical pop. Not that I’m trying to sell Frank as a pop artist because that is a radar which doesn’t exist so badly that that doesn’t even exist…okay, if you got that then we’ll move on. I’m just simply curious. Because at the time, there were musicians that were considered jazz.

Because other musical forms came out, we grouped all of that together into one genre. Which it fits, yes, and personally I tend to think of Frank Sinatra and his contemporaries as jazz musicians. But, well, I don’t know… I’m not really confused as to this whole phenomenon happened as that I’m observing that it has happened. Am I the only one?



1 thought on “All That Jazz”

  1. I guess it is convenient for music historians, reviewers, journalists, in fact all of us, to have some nice buckets where we can put things into. Makes it nice and tidy.
    If it was already difficult at Sinatra’s times, when the (Jazz) world was still relatively clearly arranged, imagine in the 80ies and 90ies, when the delta of the Jazz stream became extremely wide.
    As long as we keep enjoying the music!

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