For Laughs

All Roads Lead To…

Plaid. Basically, all roads lead to plaid. I’ve got to say it. Absolute truth. But there is my opinion on that.

93cb754f54ff59d1ed2c01e5b1883a22And now that I’ve begun this post on a completely random note, I’ll continue. But, there is a lot going on this month. May is always such a great month. I may be biased because my birthday is this month, BUT that isn’t all. May is also the month of: Frank Sinatra Day!! So, I want a lot of celebrating from all of you on May 13. Frank Sinatra Day, no kidding. It’s an actual thing, and you have to at least remember it!

And summer is almost here again! I hope that you all have an amazing one, and make a lot of good memories. Please let me know how you’re doing, even if I won’t get any of it until December. Know that I’m thinking about all of you. Happy May!


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