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The Only Constant Thing

This month marks one year since I’ve been on my mission. Gosh, it’s so crazy to think about it that way.

164ae980bbfa487dbb7371af64220243But honestly, no matter where I go or what I do, the thing that always amazes me beyond anything is how fast time flies by. One moment you’re standing before a huge change and then the next moment that change is far behind you and you’re standing before another one. It’s scary the way that life does that.

There are always changes, always new lessons to be learned. I’m up for change every now and again, because as a human being you have to be. But I’ll be honest, I actually have kind of a hard time with it. It’s just that I get easily scared. I start thinking about everything that could go wrong.

But, then I have to try and remember that there will always be good things, too. You have to understand that though life throws hard things at you, you can always experience far more joy and happiness.


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